ReadSocial is a service that adds social features to your content quickly and easily. By grabbing a few lines of code and dropping it into your iPad app or website, you can offer groups and shared comments, right on top of your content, no matter where it is.

Here's an example: If one person is reading your content in your iPad app and another person is reading it on the Web, you can make a bridge between the two and spark conversation. Comments travel between systems, despite DRM, and you can import comments made by other users.

And -- did we mention? -- comments can be text, links or images. We offer two open-source clients -- feel free to alter and improve them! We want you to focus on your content, not setting up servers, scaling databases and designing social user interfaces!

Here's our press.


Travis Alber
Co-Founder & President
travis at readsocialapi.com

Travis is co-founder and president of ReadSocial. Previously she founded BookGlutton.com, a destination site where reading groups read web-based ebooks; they chat inside any chapter and attach notes to any paragraph. She has consulted for a number of publishing entities, including Flat World Knowledge (open-source textbooks), Bibliocommons (social features for libraries), Electric Literature (iPad reading systems), Broadcastr (location-based audio stories), Fortnight Journal (a digital documentary journal), NetGalley (a service delivering digital galleys / early review copies to ebook devices) and Audible.com / ACX (Audible’s new audio book recording and distribution exchange). She recently contributed a chapter to the new O’Reilly book Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto — A Collection of Essays from the Bleeding Edge of Publishing, coming out Spring 2012.

Prior to founding BookGlutton.com, Travis was a creative director at JLOOP.com. She has 15 years of online experience, and has worked in web design, advertising, online training and education. Her client history includes: Cisco, Sprint, Playstation, Wells Fargo, Macys, Midway Games and Dodge. In addition, Travis has been recognized by Drunken Boat, The Webby Awards, The Flash Forward Film Festival, the W3 Awards and the Electronic Literature Organization. She has a Masters Degree in Interactive Multimedia.

Aaron Miller
Co-Founder & CTO
aaron at readsocialapi.com

Aaron Miller is co-founder and CTO of ReadSocial. Before founding ReadSocial, Aaron created BookGlutton.com, a social reading site that allows readers to upload EPUB books and read them on the web with virtual book groups (using chat and shared annotations). Beyond managing the architecture and development of BookGlutton’s online reading system, he also spearheaded the catalog system, e-commerce system, community features, annotation technology, widgets and APIs. Aaron has independently built a number of publishing technologies: code that allows users to alter the look-and-feel of iBooks, an HTML-EPUB conversion tool, a tool that lets users annotate Google ebooks with Facebook groups (allowing Google books to be read inside Facebook). He is currently involved in NISO’s work on a shared annotations standard. He recently wrote a chapter for the new O’Reilly book Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto — A Collection of Essays from the Bleeding Edge of Publishing, coming out Spring 2012.

Aaron has fifteen years experience working on-line; professionally he’s worked on both the creative and technical sides of projects—working at times as a writer and designer and at others a developer in San Francisco, LA, and New York. His clients include NetGalley, Wells Fargo, Organic, Electric Literature and Driving Media. Aaron has a Master’s Degree in Interactive Multimedia and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California-Irvine.


ReadSocial was built in New York City with assistance from DogPatch Labs, NYC and WeWork Labs, Soho.

Float Mobile Learning and the Iona Group have 10 years experience building mobile apps and advising clients on mobile strategy. They worked with the ReadSocial team to build the open-source iOs library that we're distributing on GitHub. They're good at what they do (don't just ask us, they've worked with publishers and schools alike). We highly recommend them!